Why an independent agent?

Why an independent agent? When shopping for auto insurance or business insurance, most people are unaware that there are different kinds of agents they can work with.

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What every boat owner should know

Everyone has dreams of sailing the high seas at their leisure as the captain of their boat. A seaworthy vessel is an investment. Given that is not a part of your home, even if it is docked there, home insurance does not extend coverage for it unless requested. Additionally, it is not enough to cover the boat; one must also acquire protection if an accident in which the owner/driver is at fault. Coverage is based on the size and personal history of the proprietor. Read on for the ins and outs of being a responsible boat owner.

The best of both worlds

Boat insurance combines the benefits of both home and auto insurance. Guests in your home can be injured and will you will be covered in the event of an unfortunate occurrence. Similarly, if a passenger is injured on your vessel, insurance will pay for medical expenses. Auto insurance secures the policy holder in the event of an accident as will boat insurance. Smooth sailing is best served with proper coverage.

Head for coverage

Most boat owners are not aware that there is a navigational limit to their adventures. Boat insurance will cover domestic waters and some parts of Canada. U.S. waters are deemed as eligible for coverage, but unless specified, international adventures will not be covered. Driving a boat from Miami to Bimini may increase rates, but the peace of mind is worth to have the coverage.

Boat out of water

Vessels belong in the water, but docking a boat in a marina can be cost prohibitive. An owner may attach the boat to their car and drive it to their home to dock. Once the boat is not in water and is connected to a vehicle, it is covered under their auto insurance policy. Auto insurance Miami policy holders may have an easier time acquiring the coverage as it is a common thing to have a boat in the Magic City. Once at home, your home insurance may cover it as well. Ask your agent if your boat is covered under your homeowners insurance as it is not automatic.

Financial savviness

You can save money on your boat insurance in a multitude of ways. A discount rate may be offered if a boating class is taken. Knowledge is power when one knows all the safety advantages and has training in the event of an emergency. Agencies can oversell you on insurance if you are not careful. A yacht requires different coverage than a family-sized fishing boat. Invest in safety features such as a wireless tether and other preventative devices. Discounts may include a layup time that is the season when a watercraft is not in use, consider informing your insurance agency when those times can be expected for a possible discount.


Having a boat is an adventure in and of itself. Boat insurance blends the benefits of home and auto insurance. Protect your passengers as you do guests in your home as well as cover the watercraft after an accident as you do your car. Nautical adventures may only be secured in domestic waters. Ask your agent before charting a new course to secure coverage. If not docking in a marina, understand that while it may be covered with your vehicle insurance, it may not be with your homeowner policy. Take a few classes in boating safety and ask for discounts. Enjoy your nautical adventures.

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Escrow your Insurance payments with your mortgage payment

Sometimes we hear words enough that we know we should learn the meaning. Escrow is one of those words that everyone seems to bandy about assuming the definition is common knowledge. Most people do not know that there are two types. Both of types of escrow help you with your home and your insurance payments should be in escrow to make life much easier.


Buying a home

A third party handles escrow during the process of acquiring a home. Unlike the movies where the buyer and seller shake hands, and the deal is done, the real world requires a spacing time a few essentials such as an escrow. The real estate transaction protects both sides until all terms are agreed upon by the third party. This can be anything from making sure the furnace is up to code or that central air be installed. Bundled money shows the seller that the buyer is serious, and it demonstrates that the purchaser will have their terms agreed to, or the money will be deducted. It is an excellent financial buffer for both sides.


Lender’s protection

A bank will give a homeowner the opportunity to pay their taxes and insurances via escrow. This arrangement is to help both parties protect their joint investment. A home is subject to fire and regional weather events. It is also subject to fluctuations in insurance rates and hikes in property taxes. Those that pay insurance via escrow know that that if wild fluctuations occur, they will be protected.


Pay via escrow

When bills are due every month, we might have the money automatically deducted from our checking accounts. Payments made once or twice a year can get trickier. A cell phone bill is due every month as is the mortgage payment. They are, therefore, easier to budget for and expect. Property taxes and home insurance may be substantial and paying them both at once annually can be quite the financial uphill challenge. The best way to counteract this is to pay monthly with your mortgage payments with the ease of an escrow account.


A smarter decision

Monthly payments are easier to budget for than one made annually, particularly one that is prone to fluctuations. Property taxes may increase to fund the building of a local public school. Home insurance rates jumped after Hurricane Katrina. Miami auto insurance can have fine print regarding weather readiness that all forms of insurance want to protect their investments. Insurances always want to protect their investment and with so many variables in place, escrowing insurance payments makes financial sense. You cannot control the weather, but each month you can manage your bill payments.



We all wish there was a reward for paying on time. Paying your insurance with your escrow means that if the financial pillow you have provided overpays and there is a surplus, a check can be cut for you. Additionally, if you want to keep the surplus in escrow, it can be added for when unexpected price increases happen. In other words, you will always have that extra coverage and the peace of mind you will not receive a whopper of a bill unexpectedly.



Life can be uncertain in so many ways. Escrows provided a financial cushion in case of weather events or increases in property taxes. Prevent any financial challenges by paying your insurance via escrow.

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With the prevalence and depth of present day of insurance, it might be hard to imagine property owners did not always protect their assets long ago. Until The Great Fire of London in 1666, policies did not exist. 1681 is the official year insurance became structured, and many participated given the widespread destruction of the infamous fire. Property insurance protects against risks to properties, including fire, theft, and water damage. Another benefit is if someone is injured on your grounds.

Property insurance covers two types of perils: open and named. Open perils include earthquakes, floods, nuclear incidents, terrorism, and war. These are dangers in which the homeowner has no control and may be receive news coverage. Fire, lightning, explosions, and theft embody named perils. They may, in other words, be events without a witness whereas open perils can have a multitude of witnesses. Common cases that insurance Miami policyholders deal with usually involves hurricanes whereas Wisconsin could see the impact of snow.

Businesses and homes should have property insurance. An owner or renter should be aware of three terms to help understand their policies. Replacement cost, actual cash value, and depreciation are terms that must be understood by any policyholder. A replacement cost is what it cost to replace items destroyed in an open or named peril. Cost excludes sentimental value or other emotional factors. Actual cash value is the replacement cost minus depreciation. Depreciation is a decline in value/price, which happens as a result of tears, decay, and wear. It, also, takes into consideration objective and subjective depreciation. Objective is tabulated by the age and category of an item whereas subjective is assessed via a photo or visual assessment by the adjuster. The only difference between the concepts of replacement cost and actual cash value is solely a deduction for depreciation. Keep in mind the two terms are rooted in the present day cost to replace the damaged property with new property.

Take, for example, a camera that was owned by Ansel Adams and was bought at auction. Ansel Adams is a lauded photographer, and this would significantly increase the value of the piece because it would have a higher resale value given the context attached to it. A regular camera would just be replaced with what it could fetch at market. Marks such Drops and scrapes lead to value depreciation. The actual cost of the item would be the cost of replacing it with the wear and tear figured into the price. It goes without saying some things are priceless to us, but every insured item has an objective value.

Homeowners in South Florida must have home insurance, particularly during hurricane season. There have been stories of people losing their home in Hurricane Andrew during the storm and then once again when their insurance did not pay because they had let their policy lapse. Always pay attention to due dates and make sure to have high-value items appraised immediately after purchase before reporting the treasures to your property insurance company. While both named and open perils cannot always be prevented, update your policy to make the unimaginable tolerable.

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Insurance is a necessity of modern life. Coverage is available for businesses, autos, home and personal watercrafts, and is typically easy to acquire. A few things must be understood to find the right insurance to suit the needs of the inquiring insured.

Protect Your Business

Making your entrepreneurial dream of owning a business is an accomplishment, but it is also an investment. Business insurance is imperative to protect the professional assets of the business, just as you would your home or car. A solid, comprehensive package should offer property, liability, and crime coverage.

Equipment ranging from laptops to bulldozers may be necessary for your business. Breakdown or theft of the required item(s) makes coverage a must. Maintaining machinery and purchasing/leasing the highest quality supplies will assist your business, only if they can be shielded from theft, judgments, and damaging weather.

Also, it is a reality that accidents in the workplace occur. Solid coverage includes attorney’s fees, medical expenses, and equipment damage. If your product or service causes harm, such as severe allergic reaction or a slip and fall, then you must be covered to prevent the possibility of losing the investment in your business.

Car Insurance

There continues to be many uninsured drivers on the road. Busy expressways and distracted drivers can make even the best drivers nervous. Auto insurance is a necessity that is required by law, and is relatively simple to understand.

Auto insurance covers loss of the vehicle itself, as well as the drivers/passengers. One imperative term with auto insurance is deductible. The term translates into the amount paid out of pocket for coverage. An insurance holder accepts the risk of a certain amount prior to insurance coverage. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. In short, more coverage equals higher rates.

Auto insurance may also help those who are injured in a collision (either party), as there are states that are “no fault”. Medical costs can escalate, and a vehicle can even be banished from the road after an accident. Insurance will either repair or replace a vehicle after an accident, weather events, and/or vandalism.

 Enjoy Your Home and Have Fun

Part of the American dream is to become a homeowner. Home insurance protects a home, personal possessions, and personal liability. A fire, hurricane, or other events can render a home uninhabitable, therefore home insurance can lessen the burden by providing shelter and compensating via the replacement value.

Liability lawsuits are also an issue when owning a home. Accidents and weather can make insurance applicable to rebuilding or restructuring a home. Lawsuits can make a home eligible for repossession. In the event that a guest is injured in a home, insurance can cover medical expenses and may private ensuing lawsuits. If at least eight hours in a 24-hour period are spent in the home, it must insured as a part of the owner’s life and identity.

Life also needs a bit of (protected) fun! Boats and other personal watercraft should have proper insurance based on the characteristics of the vessel and the water on which it will be used. Coverage includes the boat’s motor and trailer. Owning and operating a boat should be as enjoyable as a day on the water.

Boat insurance Miami well knows covers weather events, theft, and man-made challenges, such as capsizing and collisions. Recreational accessories such as oars, dinghies, skis, etc., are also protected.


Miami auto insurance is an imperative part of everyday life, as well as an investment. Business, auto, home, or personal watercraft are required to protect the insurer from liabilities and personal injury. Take the time to do your research to discover which plan best suits your lifestyle and insurance needs.

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Most people do not understand the intricacies of electricity; they just flip a switch and enjoy the benefits. Auto insurance, likewise, is required by law and most people do not understand basic ways in which they can save time and money by knowing five things.

1. Pets can be covered
2. Stolen items cannot be reimbursed
3. Two lump sums a year is smarter than monthly payments
4. Comprehensive coverage includes weather events and terrorism
5. Credit scores can impact rate quotes

Pets can be covered
Dogs and cats are considered part of the modern family. Drive in a rural or urban area and a dog will be sticking its precious head out the window enjoying life. While their human may be strapped in, these pets can sustain significant injuries in minor events such as a light fender bender. Some insurances will cover your pet if you ask for it when signing up for their insurance. Again, this must be requested at the time of the quote.

Stolen items cannot be reimbursed
The dancer Juliana Hough left diamond jewelry in the side pocket of her car door. Said items were stolen, and she was not able to recover the loss. The real is simple: if someone steals your car, you will be reimbursed for the depreciated value of your vehicle, nothing else. If someone takes sentimental items such as fur coats or personal devices, your insurance company does not have to reimburse you. The best way to prevent this is to keep treasured items at home or secured safely in the glove box. Leave nothing in plain sight.

Two lump sums a year is smarter than monthly payments
Paying for six months of car insurance up front can cause quite a few to panic. Two upfront payments twice a year can yield massive savings. From the company’s point of view, it is more fiscally responsible to maintain a customer twice a year rather than twelve times a year. Savings can translate tally into the hundreds. If this seems impossible, set aside every month to create a financial cushion to allow you to reap the rewards.

Comprehensive coverage includes weather events and terrorism
Hurricanes are prevalent in South Florida and a great cause for concern. In Miami, auto insurance has policies that detail the coverage and steps to be taken in the event of a hurricane. Downed powerlines and falling trees have wrecked many a car during the season. Many worry that they will not be covered if Nature destroys their vehicles. In fact, residents with a history of a variety of natural events make sure that their home insurance as well as business insurance updates regularly. Comprehensive insurance takes away the fear of natural events. Acts of terrorism, likewise, particularly in larger city centers, has brought forth a major sense of anxiety with vehicles. Insurance policies that offer comprehensive coverage explicitly state that in the event of terrorism, the policyholder will not have to handle the damage by themselves.

Credit scores can impact rate quotes
We have all heard it a thousand times that credit scores are your lifeline to financial freedom. A low credit score can prevent you from substantial purchases such as mortgages. A high credit score can make your insurance rates more affordable. Companies court potential clients with higher scores and offer them better deals given their proven financial track records. If possible, start improving your score today to improve your rate quotes.
Insurance can be what you make out it. Ask for pet coverage in the event of an accident. Understand that items stolen from a vehicle will not be reimbursed. Keep all treasures out of plain view. Two lumps sums a year rather than twelve is the most financially responsible payment plan to keep you financially responsible. Acts of weather and terrorism are covered comprehensive insurance only. Keep your credit scores high as it can vastly improve your odds of a great rate.

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Your Auto Insurance Premium

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Is determined by key elements that Insurance Companies believe indicate the security risk that an individual may pose. Different companies may not always hold the same elements in equal regards, which explains contrasting premiums in rival Companies, but they do consider and assess the same general statistical data. Compiled below is a list of the most influential elements that either lower or raise your car insurance premiums.

The data collected that Insurance companies use can be divided into two distinct groups, static and elastic data.

Static data would include elements such as gender, or age – things that are fixed and out of your control to change.

Elastic data would include elements such as car type and driving record – things that are in your control.

Static Data

Age: Drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 are considered more risky than older drivers.                            26 to 55 years age groups of drivers are considered the safest. However, on the other side of the      spectrum very elderly drivers might need to pay higher insurance rates as their driving reflexes        are considered slower.

Gender: Women are considered safer drivers than men, statistically speaking men are more likely to speed as opposed to women. Because of this women get offered marginally lower rates than men.

Education: People that have graduated from college are offered lower rates. The logic that works here is that higher education leads to better choice making, lowering the chances of a accident.

Age of the car: The older the car, the less is the insurance rate as the value of the car depreciates over time. New cars attract higher rates as they are in good shape.

Elastic Data

Car type: Standard car models will attract lower rates than expensive and exclusive cars. Cars built for speed receive higher premiums than standard issue model cars.

Driving record: A driving record decorated with tickets and fines all over it will directly spike insurance rates. Fortunately on the other hand, a clean driving record indicates a careful, trustworthy driver and lower rates are offered

Geographic location: While, not everyone can change their homes on a whim, individuals that live in proximity of crime ridden neighborhoods will receive higher premiums because the risk of damage to your property is higher. Likewise, if you live in a quiet neighborhood, with little or no traffic, rates will be comparatively lower.

Credit rating:  A good credit rating is indicative of an individual that makes good decisions. Having a good credit rating gives the impression to Insurance Agencies that the applicant is less of a risk. Basically, the better the credit rating, the lower the rate.

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Car wrecks are messy affairs, while the other party is busy worrying about their terrible day make sure have the knowledge to make filing your claim as easy as possible.

Immediately after an accident

 1) Contact your local police

– As long as the crash includes another person or vehicle it is essential to notify the police. When they arrive, both parties will be asked about the crashes details. So be sure you know what happended leading up to the accident, time, and relevant signs or weather/road conditions. Having proper documentation is key in making sure the filing process goes as smoothly as possible.

2) Obtain the other Parties Contact information

-In order to all the information you need ask for the other driver’s license ( name & address) and insurance card ( insurer name, policy #, vehicle registration)

When Filing a claim

1) Call you insurer

– While making a report, be sure to ask for a claim # and the phone # of  the adjuster. Find out the expectations for future contact and the hours of operation. You should also ask if it would be beneficial to write to the other parties insurer. If anything is unclear, always ask for clarification and in the case of a totaled car ask about rental car coverage.


In the end, if there you have any problems with your adjuster, file a complaint at the adjusters local or regional office.

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With a renovated website, we are ready to provide all your insurance needs. Navigating our domain is surprisingly simple, our pages are filled with informative documents detailing commercial, boat, and auto insurance. If you need clarification, just call our office and a agent will gladly answer any questions you have. Already comfortable with the world of Insurance? If so, you can ask for a free quote through our website or by contacting a agent. 

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Is determined by key elements that Insurance Companies believe indicate the security risk that an in

Life is wonderful, but it also has unexpected moments that can be challenging. Insurance is here

Home insurance policyholders may not be aware of what their coverage entails. They may be in for