Why an independent agent?

Why an independent agent? When shopping for auto insurance or business insurance, most people are unaware that there are different kinds of agents they can work with.

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Discounts For Safe Cars



Passive Restraint Systems

If your car came equipped with airbags, or factory-installed motorized seatbelts, you could receive a Passive Restraint Discount on your auto insurance.

Anti-Lock Brakes

If your car has factory-installed ABS (all-wheel, anti-lock braking system), this discount can bring your premiums down.

Anti-Theft Devices

This discount applies in certain states and can save you money if your car came equipped with approved anti-theft devices.

Discounts For Drivers With Multiple Policies:
Multiple Policy Discount

If you have property insurance with Pini, you may qualify for a Multiple Policy Discount to lower your auto insurance premiums by as much as 10%.

Discounts For Students, Seniors and More:
Good Student

If you’re 25 or younger, unmarried and a full-time student who meets our GPA requirements, you could save on your auto insurance premiums with this valuable discount. (In some states, the qualifying age is 21.)

Senior Adult

If you’re 65 or older, and you drive more than a quarter of your car’s total mileage, this discount can reduce the cost of your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

55 and Retired

If you’re 55 or older, and not employed full-time, this discount can help keep your auto insurance costs down.

New Car

Depending on your state and the model-year of your vehicle, that brand new, never-been-titled car you just bought might save you money.

Economy Car

If you already own an economy car, your savings might just keep coming.

Utility Vehicle

If you drive a specific type of pick-up truck, this discount could apply to your auto insurance.

Resident Student

If you carry coverage for a student who’s under 21 and lives at a school that’s more than 100 miles away from where the vehicle is garaged, you could save valuable cash on your premiums.

Farm or Ranch Vehicle

If you’re a full-time farmer or rancher, and you’re insuring a farm or ranch vehicle used exclusively for work on your property, this bonus could help keep your costs down.

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