How To: File A Car Insurance Claim


Car wrecks are messy affairs, while the other party is busy worrying about their terrible day make sure have the knowledge to make filing your claim as easy as possible.

Immediately after an accident

 1) Contact your local police

– As long as the crash includes another person or vehicle it is essential to notify the police. When they arrive, both parties will be asked about the crashes details. So be sure you know what happended leading up to the accident, time, and relevant signs or weather/road conditions. Having proper documentation is key in making sure the filing process goes as smoothly as possible.

2) Obtain the other Parties Contact information

-In order to all the information you need ask for the other driver’s license ( name & address) and insurance card ( insurer name, policy #, vehicle registration)

When Filing a claim

1) Call you insurer

– While making a report, be sure to ask for a claim # and the phone # of  the adjuster. Find out the expectations for future contact and the hours of operation. You should also ask if it would be beneficial to write to the other parties insurer. If anything is unclear, always ask for clarification and in the case of a totaled car ask about rental car coverage.


In the end, if there you have any problems with your adjuster, file a complaint at the adjusters local or regional office.

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